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Hem / English: Arrange funeral and burial abroad

English: Arrange funeral and burial abroad

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To arrange a funeral and/or a burial outside of Sweden requires a lot of administrative and practical work and preparations. At Lavendla International, which specializes in these urgent matters, Hassan and Peter will help and assist you through the process – no matter where in the world you wish to arrange the funeral and/or burial. We offer assistance in Swedish, English, Kurdi, and Arabic.

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Lavendla International offers professional and swift assistance in all matters regarding the death, funeral, and burial of your beloved one – no matter where in the world you seek to carry out the funeral and/or burial according to your wishes.  We handle the contact and administrative chores with the Swedish, as well as, foreign authorities and governments. In addition, we take full responsibility for the practical aspects too, such as flight arrangement(s), etc.

Example on quote 32 190 SEK

Administrative work4 995 SEK
Transport to airport4 800 SEK
Wooden casket4 500 SEK
Zinc casket5 900 SEK
Soldering of zinc casket1 995 SEK
Flight, starting at10 000 SEK

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Top 5 things you need to consider when planning a funeral and/or burial abroad.

  1. When sending a casket/urn abroad, a named and documented recipient is required at the destination. In order to obtain the necessary permits, we need this person’s name, phone number, and personal ID. This person must be able to verify his or her identity.
  2. When sending a casket abroad, it needs to be hermetically sealed, which we ensure it will be, as well as compliant with several more international regulations.
  3. The time to departure should be expected to be 4-5 business days due to the numerous permits and documents which need to be put together. We realize this matters’ urgency and will do our best to deliver as soon as possible.
  4. We are able to transport the deceased person anywhere in the world.
  5. It is costlier to transport a casket than an urn, however also much quicker.

Transportation of a casket or an urn?

If cremation is a possible alternative, one should note that this is a more feasible alternative in economic terms. Thus, the cremation will be carried out in Sweden, (for free if the person was a resident of Sweden or at a marginal cost if the person was in Sweden temporarily) before the ash (contained in the urn) will be sent to its destination. In many circumstances, it is also possible to physically bring the urn yourself (after authorities approve) which basically reduces the cost of transportation of the urn down to zero.

Often, burial (and thus the transportation to the burial site) needs to make use of a casket. For obvious reasons, the logistic part in this case is much more complex and costly. However, in contrast to shipping an urn, the transportation of the casket can be carried out much sooner as there is no need to await the cremation process.

Let us know your preferences and requirements and we will advise you on the most feasible alternative.

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This article is also available in: This article is also available in: EnglishArabicBosnianCroatianDutchFrenchGermanPersianPolish, Serbian and Spanish

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