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International funeral transport

Before a successful international funeral transport is carried out, a lot of preparation is required. This include coordination between Swedish authorities together with the family of the deceased and it’s home country, primarily through its local embassy or consulate.

Lavendla International specializes in these complex cases and can thus guarantee the shortest possible handling time, due to well prepared processes and years of experience with these urgent matters. The process is initialized when a family member, or a friend, of the deceased contacts us shortly after – or even shortly before – the time of death. We instruct the contact person which documents the doctor must start preparing immediately, before the family leaves the hospital. As these documents are prepared and sent to Lavendla, further official documents are requested from the Swedish authorities by Lavendla International. These are later brought to the country’s local representation in Sweden, for clearance and permission to carry the deceased body across its borders. When everything is in place, the casket is flown back home for its final rest by Lavendla International. The time of this process is highly dependent on the doctors, official agencies and the local representation of the receiving country, which is why Lavendla can never guarantee any specific timeline, but does all that is in its power to do this process as rapid as possible.

Partnership with Lavendla International

A partnership with Lavendla is a great service to your citizens living in Sweden, when they is in need for help the most. Several local consulates have established formal, as well as informal, partnerships with Lavendla International in order to facilitate the cooperation and therefore reducing the handling time of each case.  We cover all of Sweden, locally, and can serve your citizens nation-wide, and later arrange for a funeral transport to any nation in the world. We will also, together with you, be able to give the best possible support and experience to the family by cooperating closely in these matters. 

We offer service in Swedish, English, Finnish, Arabic and Farsi.

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